Mulch Types That Make Your Garden a Field of Dreams


Whether you want to create decorative garden beds or a vegetable garden, it should be healthy and appealing. Though you may use various ways to do it, applying mulch is the most appropriate one. With the right mulch, your vegetable or decorative garden will easily resist drought and have fewer weeds. Inorganic and organic mulch are the two main types of mulch in most bagged mulch sites today. Assess your garden soil first before you buy a particular type of mulch to ensure it's suitable for it.

17 July 2019

City Living: 4 Benefits of Growing a Vertical Garden


If you live in a small house in a large city, your access to outdoor space may be limited. Many city dwellers dream of growing plants and enjoying a garden. However, this dream can seem impossible in the confines of an urban environment. Thankfully, vertical gardening provides a fantastic solution. Read on to find out about some of the benefits which vertical gardening can bring to your city home. Make the most of your limited space

14 January 2019