City Living: 4 Benefits of Growing a Vertical Garden


If you live in a small house in a large city, your access to outdoor space may be limited. Many city dwellers dream of growing plants and enjoying a garden. However, this dream can seem impossible in the confines of an urban environment. Thankfully, vertical gardening provides a fantastic solution. Read on to find out about some of the benefits which vertical gardening can bring to your city home. Make the most of your limited space

14 January 2019

3 Ways To Ensure That Your Wood Burning Heater Is A Sustainable Way To Heat Your Home


Wood burning heaters have been used in Australia for many decades to provide warmth to homes during the colder months. They're still a popular choice, particularly with the ever increasing costs involved with using heaters powered by electricity. If you have concerns about how environmentally friendly burning wood for warmth is, then rest assured. With the correct use, the CSIRO announced that wood burning heaters are the most sustainable way to heat your home.

3 August 2017

No Garden? No Problem! Your Essential Guide to Growing Indoors


Apartment-dwellers now make up more than a quarter of the Australian population. However, that doesn't mean that Australians have given up on gardening. Hydroponic growing methods make it possible to enjoy raising plants indoors, even when you have very little space. Here are a few tips to help you get started. 1. Choose What You Want to Grow Some plants thrive in a small hydroponic system, whereas others like to spread their roots and crowd out their neighbours.

22 April 2016