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Hello, my name is Kyle and this is my gardening blog. I discovered gardening after I was injured in a serious car accident. I had to take many months off work to recover and I needed to find something to fill the time. My friend suggested that some light gardening might help me. I wasn't so sure but I soon discovered that being outside and working with nature really helped my recovery. I learnt an awful lot about gardening and the equipment you need to look after plants and trees. I hope my blog inspires you to get out in the garden.

Mulch Types That Make Your Garden a Field of Dreams


Whether you want to create decorative garden beds or a vegetable garden, it should be healthy and appealing. Though you may use various ways to do it, applying mulch is the most appropriate one. With the right mulch, your vegetable or decorative garden will easily resist drought and have fewer weeds. Inorganic and organic mulch are the two main types of mulch in most bagged mulch sites today. Assess your garden soil first before you buy a particular type of mulch to ensure it's suitable for it. Landscape mulch comes in different types, and you choose it based on your garden needs. Here are 3 types of landscape mulch to consider this season.

Crushed Seashell

Crushed seashell is a great inorganic mulch option for your vegetable garden. It offers a striking white contrast on your ground cover or garden, especially if you have plants with bright shades growing. Even the standard green plants on the garden will look great when white crushed shells are added. Crushed seashell mulch supplies the nutrients that your garden needs to keep your plants healthy. The crushed shells release calcium in the soil once they decompose. Crushed seashell mulch makes the garden nutrient-rich and leaves it looking artistic and lovely.

Shredded Leaves and Wood Chips

Most people mulch their vegetable garden beds using wood chips to keep their vegetables and plants healthy and attractive. Identify reliable bagged mulch suppliers and let them deliver mulch to your garden in good time. Shredded leaves and wood chips are an organic option that leaves your garden with a natural look. Shredded leaves are easy to collect from the yard when not needed. They are highly absorbent and a perfect choice for multiple lawn purposes. Wood chips last for more than four years, and they are incredibly hearty and add a classic landscaping look.

Compost and Rock Mulch

Compost will enrich your garden soil and make the plants thrive. It's a great option for anyone looking for organic mulch. Apply another mulch layer on the compost if it's too dry to make the place moist and suitable for plant roots. Crushed rock is another effective inorganic mulch to use on your garden. Finely crushed river rock or gravel stands the test of time, and it's an excellent choice for your modern, minimalist garden.

Your garden can be as healthy and appealing as you want it to be. It isn't hard to find organic or inorganic mulch now that those who offer mulch delivery services are just a call away. Go for a film of black plastic mulch if you want to create a microclimate for your plant and vegetable garden. Always choose a layer of mulch that suits the function and activities of your garden.


17 July 2019