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3 Crucial Factors to Consider Before Ordering Bulk or Bagged Mulch Delivery


Most homeowners today prefer a hands-on approach when regarding home activities, including landscaping and gardening. According to DIY-ers, a hands-on approach is satisfying psychologically and physically as well as cost-effective. However, some aspects of landscaping are best left to professionals, and mulch delivery is one. Rather than collect mulch yourself, engage suppliers to deliver the right amount as and when you need it. Notably, you can choose between bulk and bagged mulch delivery services. Although the mulch you get from both options serves your needs, you should be aware of factors that dictate your choice. 

Storage Space

The first thing you must consider before ordering mulch is the storage space available on your property. Typically, suppliers deliver bulk mulch in truckloads, meaning that the material is poured on the ground. If your landscaping project is likely to last more than a day, you are better off storing bulk mulch away from the elements to retain its quality. Although rain or sun does not destroy mulch left out in the open, strong winds can make life difficult for you as far as keeping the mulch in one place goes. Therefore, only order from bulk mulch deliveries if you have enough storage space. Otherwise, settle for bagged mulch for ease of management.   

Accessibility to Delivery Spot

Do you prefer mulch delivered to your paved backyard or driveway? Whichever spot you have designated for bulk mulch, you must consider accessibility by a delivery truck. For instance, if you have selected your paved backyard as the right spot, ensure that a delivery truck has a pathway to the location, such as a back gate. If not, a supplier will pour mulch on your driveway, and you need to transport it using a wheelbarrow to your backyard. Unfortunately, the extra work is time and energy-consuming. However, if the designated delivery spot is inaccessible, bagged mulch delivery is the best option. It is easy and fast to carry bags of mulch rather than carry loose mulch in a wheelbarrow.  


Mulch suppliers usually ask clients to establish how much of the product they need for landscaping or gardening needs before placing an order. It prevents buying excess mulch, which can save you money. Bulk mulch delivery is relatively cost-effective because suppliers deliver the exact amount you need and not a cubic foot more. However, if you are not too concerned about cost, bagged mulch delivery will suffice. It is difficult to match the exact amount you need in bags, increasing the likelihood of excess purchase. 


19 February 2021