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Hello, my name is Kyle and this is my gardening blog. I discovered gardening after I was injured in a serious car accident. I had to take many months off work to recover and I needed to find something to fill the time. My friend suggested that some light gardening might help me. I wasn't so sure but I soon discovered that being outside and working with nature really helped my recovery. I learnt an awful lot about gardening and the equipment you need to look after plants and trees. I hope my blog inspires you to get out in the garden.

The Best Way To Store Your Chainsaw Over Winter


Once you get a chainsaw for your garden you will wonder how you ever coped without it, but there will be times when it needs to be stored — over winter, for example. Make sure you store it correctly, and it will still be in full working order when you bring it out for spring.

Empty the tank

The first thing to remember is never to store your chainsaw with fuel in the tank. This is a fire risk and could cause hazards if it leaks. Instead, you should empty it into a proper fuel container. Make sure you do this in a well-ventilated area, preferably outside, to avoid the fumes. Run the chainsaw until it stalls to make sure there are no traces of fuel left, and then clean the tank.

Dismantle the chainsaw

Taking the chainsaw apart before storing it ensures that the pieces do not stick together over winter. Take off the guide bar and chain for separate storage. They should then be cleaned with a protective oil, preferably one that has been formulated for this purpose, before being put away.

Store somewhere dry

Don't store your chainsaw outdoors if you can avoid it. The best place is somewhere that will stay dry but has good ventilation. You should try to keep it out of direct sunlight, as this will contain ultraviolet rays that can damage the equipment. If your chainsaw uses a battery and a charger, you should store these in the same place so that you can find them easily in the spring.

Avoid dust

The chainsaw should be covered so that it does not attract dust. The best solution is to buy a chainsaw case, which is specially made for the purpose. Otherwise, you should wrap the chainsaw in plastic or dust sheets, or at the very least keep it covered. If dust gets into the workings, it can stop the chainsaw from working properly.

Lock it away

Ideally, your chainsaw should be kept under lock and key. This isn't just to keep it from being stolen, but also to keep it out of the way of your children. Accidents can happen with chainsaws even when they are not in use, so make sure yours is out of reach.

Proper storage of your chainsaw will keep it functioning for when you need it again in the spring. For further advice, just talk to a local chainsaw supplier.


11 April 2023